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Tess Lanni

Actor | Model | Movement Coach


la's resident wiscagoan

Tess Lanni is an actor, model, and Laban-based movement coach residing in Los Angeles, California. Raised perfectly equidistant between Milwaukee and Chicago, Tess comes with that adorable Midwestern charm along with the badassery of surviving numerous late night Red Line rides. Growing up in this dichotomy of worlds, she has had quite a life of experiences which she deftly applies to her craft without causing any permanent mental damage.

Tess carries a strong improv and movement background with extensive experience in interactive environmental theatre. She specializes in creature and action work and has recently begun exploring the world of motion and performance capture. She also possesses a B.A. in Theatre Arts with a focus in the Laban Movement Analysis and animal essence movement theories.



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Joshua Robbins: IG @joshuahrobbins

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Savage Sisters:

Allen Castillo: IG @allencastillo1210

Steven Bourelle:
Apex Photography & Video: IG: @apexmediasocal

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